Der hier hat mich drauf gebracht.
Seht selbst:


Achtung! You are 46% brainwashworthy, 68% antitolerant, and 47% blindly patriotic

You probably you lack the charisma and intelligence to be Hitler himself, but then again, who knows? You've got a few of the necessary traits, at least. You are crazy, nationalistic, and more proud of your background than you should be.

Right now I am breathing a big sigh of relief that you don't live in Germany in the 1930's, although I guess things couldn't have gone any worse than they did, even with your help. Maybe all this energy that you feel right now could be directed to an end less evil? Are you a Police Officer? Not in my town, I hope.

Sadly, you exceeded expectations on all 3 indicators.

Deutschland: Uber Alles!

Muss ich mir jetzt sorgen machen?

Vor allem habe ich nicht wirklich intolerant oder gar rechtsradikal auf die Fragen geantwortet... ich mach mir Sorgen. Oder besser: Ihr solltet euch sorgen, noch ist Zeit die richtige Seite zu wählen!

Hier gehts zum Test.